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Six Strategies for Peaceful Conflict Conversations: It’s in the Way We Say It

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It’s in the Way We Say It: How Our Voice Can Be Heard While Keeping the Peace 6 Strategies for Peaceful Conflict Conversations  Wouldn’t it be nice if conflict or differences within our marriage, family, and friend relationships could be resolved in a calm, non-confrontational manner? How would it feel if our homes were void of tension, eruptive emotions, and escalating arguments? Who doesn’t want a friendly, supportive atmosphere when they’re with loved ones and friends? Often we feel that the […]

Eight Things Couples Need in Recovery and Why Your Goals Are Causing You to Fail: Adam Moore – UCAP Presentation

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Dr. Adam Moore, clinical director of Utah Valley Counseling presented at the 2017 Utah Coalition Against Pornography annual conference on “Eight Things Couples Need in Recovery and Why Your Goals are Causing You to Fail.” Dr. Moore‘s eight things include: 1. Establish daily recovery routines 2. Facilitate a curiosity-focused approach to healing 3. Highlight your relationship patterns and cycles 4. Reframe relationship conflict as a diagnostic tool rather than a sign of failure 5. Seek personal serenity 6. Replace fairness […]

Presentation :: Seven Practical Ways You Can Help Others Recover from Pornography Addiction

Free webinar – Managing Triggers, Slips, and Relapses in Recovery

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If you missed the free webinar, you can access the content, along with other e-learning tools at our new site, My Recovery Portal. There, you can access on-demand e-learning courses for pornography and sexual addiction recovery. You can also sign up for my email newsletter to get information about future free webinar offerings, new courses, and discount codes.   Our clinical director, Dr. Adam Moore will be presenting a free webinar on Saturday January 16, 2016 at 10:00 AM MST […]

Confronting Pornography – BYU Campus Education Week

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Adam Moore, Clinical Director of Utah Valley Counseling is invited this year to speak at Brigham Young University’s Campus Education Week. He will be presenting on four different days, with a total audience capacity of around 1,200. His presentation series is called: Confronting Pornography in Your Individual and Family Life: Real Help for Real Problems Below is the series schedule with class titles. Tuesday (Aug 18) – How to Protect Your Children from Pornography’s Harmful Effects Wednesday (Aug 19) – Confronting Pornography in Marriage Relationships Thursday […]

Therapeutic Expressive Writing

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A very brave woman, partner of a sex addict, emailed us to share this poem she wrote as part of her own therapeutic expressive writing. We hope other women in similar situations will benefit from this poem for two reasons. First, if you feel alone in your suffering, we hope the emotion of this poem will help you understand that so many women like you are suffering–many in silence. Second, we hope this will give you courage to start your […]

Journaling as part of the Trauma Recovery Process

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The following article is written by Dr. Adam Moore, Ph.D., LMFT. He is the Clinical Director at Utah Valley Counseling and provides guest content for recovery communities. This article was originally featured as guest content for The Togetherness Project in May 2015. As a therapist who has worked extensively with wives and partners of sex addicts, one of my goals is to help women work through the trauma they experience when the addiction comes to light. A very common homework […]

Counseling Office in Lehi

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  We are pleased to announce the opening of our Utah Valley Counseling office in Lehi, Utah. Located just off the Alpine / Highland exit (284), close to Thanksgiving Point, our office provides our clients from northern Utah County and south Salt Lake County convenient access to our growing team of amazing therapists. Opening an office further north from our Provo location made sense, consdering the long distances some of our clients travel. Our new counseling office in Lehi, Utah […]

Presentation on Boundaries in Pornography Addiction Recovery

Dr. Adam Moore, clinical director of Utah Valley Counseling, presented a one-hour workshop on boundaries in pornography addiction recovery at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 18, 2015. This year’s UCAP conference was held in the Salt Palace Convention Center and hosted the largest audience in the conference’s history. Over 1600 attendees participated in keynote addresses by Ed Smart of Operation Underground Railroad and Elizabeth Smart as well as Dawn Hawkins of […]

Hiring Therapists in Utah County

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 Hiring therapists at Utah Valley Counseling Utah Valley Counseling is hiring therapists in Utah County! Our office is growing and we are looking to hire the best therapists to help primarily those involved in pornography and sexual addiction. Utah Valley Counseling is also hiring therapists with experience treating eating disorders and body image issues.   We are currently hiring therapists for positions in our new Lehi, Utah office!   Weekly supervision and training in sexual addiction treatment is provided.   Fully licensed or associate […]

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