Hi. I’m Ashley. 
You are worthy and strong. Whether it’s your relationships, your mental health, or some other aspect of your life, I will work with you to find the missing piece and create solutions for what isn’t working. I want you to reach your full potential and trust yourself. I work with people who struggle with depression and anxiety, helping you overcome limiting beliefs and courageously confront your fears. I love working with couples. I can help you break unhealthy patterns and reclaim the love and connection you once had. I am very aware of the connection between physical and mental health and can help you figure out what’s missing in your life to feel whole again. I specialize in treating trauma (including betrayal trauma) and PTSD, perfectionism, performance anxiety, stress management and life transitions. I also work with people who struggle with food, body image, and disordered eating issues. Please call today so we can work together and help you heal.