Hi, I’m Bryan.

Each person’s story has successes and struggles, and I believe each person has what it takes to find healing and growth. My efforts focus on accessing that healing by exploring your underlying beliefs, wounds, and fears that get in the way of feeling connected in your relationships and with yourself.

This focus equips me to work with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and low self-esteem. I am passionate about helping individuals and couples struggling with communication and conflict. Having worked in residential sex addiction treatment, I also specialize in treating sex addiction (or problematic sexual behaviors) and underlying traumas (e.g., betrayal trauma, emotional neglect, etc.). If there are cultural or diversity issues that influence the struggles you face, I strive to foster a safe space to have those discussions. I look forward to meeting with you to see if we will work well together in your efforts to grow and heal.

Bryan works in our Provo, Utah office and sees clients via secure telehealth (video conferencing) platform.