Hi. I’m Colton.


Colton Waldron, M.MFT., Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Colton enjoys helping couples and families reach their relationship goals. He specializes in working with infidelity, pornography use and partner trauma, difficult life stages and transitions, relationship satisfaction, and depression and anxiety. In session, Colton focuses on helping his clients use their relationship and behavior patterns to accomplish their goals, guiding them in re-patterning unsuccessful interactions.

He knows that everyone is continually influenced by the people around them and understands the importance of knowing who each person is as an individual and how each family relates, outside of issues they face. Colton believes this is essential to therapeutic success. He enjoys helping clients utilize their individual lens of life experience or spirituality to find a greater level of hope, determination, and overall sense of success. He feels that humor is, often, the best medicine. Colton would be honored to be part of your journey.

Colton sees clients in the Provo office