Hi, I’m Darby.

I support individuals through their counseling journey utilizing individual, couple, and family counseling. I enjoy working with clients throughout their individualized journey, helping with issues such as spirituality, stage of life changes, addiction, mental health, self-worth, overall well-being and motivation. I really enjoy working with teens and young adults, while also embracing work with clients of all ages. Additionally, I have experience and passion in performance counseling, working with athletes facing unique challenges.

I believe in helping clients to find their voice and teaching them how to effectively utilize that voice to advocate and empower themselves, both in life and through any challenges they may face.

I utilize best practice treatment modalities including EMDR, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Client Centered, Solution Focused, Motivational Interviewing, and Choice Theory, among others.

I earned my master’s degree in Counselor Education from the University of Wyoming in 2005 and have been a Fully Licensed Counselor since 2006.