Are you looking for online help to overcome compulsive pornography use or other problematic sexual behaviors?

Whether you see yourself as having a pornography addiction or have received feedback that your sexual behaviors are causing distress in your personal relationships, we can help. Face-to-face counseling is our primary focus, but we also offer online resources, such as workbooks, books, and on-demand video courses. If you want help outside of therapy sessions, visit My Recovery Portal for more resources.

Professional Help

Whether you are looking for additional support from trained professionals or you live too far away from the type of support you need, our online courses and tools are available to fill in the gaps of your recovery education.

The Next Steps

Recovery can be challenging. Getting stuck is normal. But getting unstuck can be tricky. Our online help is designed to give you practical, next-step help that shows you a path to healing. 

My Recovery Portal is a site we created to connect those who need help with expert training and readily-available resources for help with problematic sexual behaviors, sometimes called pornography addiction or sex addiction. Our content focuses both on the recovering person as well as partners experiencing the trauma of betrayal. Our goal is to provide an experience that complements sitting with an expert, receiving training and recommendations.