Individual Counseling


Sometimes you just need another person to run things by. A neutral third party who can help you double check your thinking. Friends or family are usually too invested to be neutral the way you need. This is where individual counseling can really make a difference.

There are other times when you’re experiencing a significant mental health issue. It might be depression, anxiety, trauma, compulsive behaviors, or something else entirely. Even the most well-meaning and caring people aren’t equipped to help you deal with things this serious. 

And when it involves your health, employment, or relationships, you can’t wait to see if it will pass. You take action now, getting to the root of the problems before the problems get any bigger.

We take your challenges as seriously as you do. How can we help you? 

Maybe you feel down, sad, lonely, or depressed and you don’t know how to escape.

You might worry a lot–staying up at night, obsessing over tomorrow or worrying about what happened today.

Perhaps you feel hopeless about the future and struggle to get energy to keep trying.

Maybe you struggle knowing what to do next in life. You feel like you’re wandering–without direction or goals.

You may have self-esteem issues.

You might struggle with body image or disordered eating.

Whether you have trauma, sexual problems, addictions, or other concerns, we have you covered.



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