Clinical Director of Utah Valley Counseling, Dr. Adam Moore, was featured in a UtahValley360 article offering helpful tips for a happy holiday season. 

Do you find yourself dreading family parties? Worried about how to deal with stressed family relationships around the holidays? Many families struggle to have a completely stress free holiday experience. But there are steps you can take to alleviate some of the stress and create a more positive holiday experience for you and your family. Excerpt featured below.

Holiday Tips for Family Events - Happy Holidays with Family

1. Talk it Over

“Sit down and have a conversation to make a plan for dealing with the types of situations that have been difficult in the past.”

2. Think Positively
“Make an assumption that people have good intentions regardless of their actions and that they’re not trying to hurt or offend you.”

3. Set Healthy Boundaries
“How much time and resources are we going to put into the extended family?”

4. Have yourself a merry little Christmas
“Each individual should be spending time on self-care to keep their minds clear and their emotions stable to have the internal resources to deal with family complexities.”

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