Pornography Addiction Documentary: Heart of the Matter

There is a screening of this film on Tuesday, September 23rd in Sandy, Utah. The screening will be held at the Jordan Commons MegaPlex Theaters at 7pm with seating starting at 6:30pm. If you are going to be in the area and would like to attend you can contact them via their Heart of the Matter Facebook page. This is a free event that we hope you find informative, hope filled and helpful. At Utah Valley Counseling, we are supportive of outreach efforts that make a positive impact on . Watch the trailer below to find out more about this pornography addiction documentary being screened in a theater near you.

“The Heart The Heart of the Matter is a non-denominational Christian documentary film. It explores the realities of pornography addiction as seen through the lives of recovering addicts. The shame that stems from pornography addiction is daunting and actually perpetuates unhealthy behaviors. It’s imperative we open our hearts and minds to understand this taboo issue. We must act now to bring much needed hope and healing to the many thousands of families who are withering under the secrecy and heartache of addiction.”

Pornography Addiction Documentary