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Four Reasons People Relapse

By Adam M. Moore, PhD, LMFT As a therapist, I work primarily with people struggling with sex addiction–things like compulsive pornography use, or out-of-control sexual behaviors. Sometimes I’ll get a therapy client who comes in after a month of therapy and says...

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I have been going to therapy at Utah Valley Counseling for over a year, and it has been such a great experience. I started out seeing a therapist I didn’t really connect with, but after talking to the staff, they recommend someone else that they thought would be a better fit for me. The therapist I have been meeting with since is absolutely amazing and has changed my life for the better. The fact that the office and staff took the time to find a counselor more suited to my needs made me feel cared for. The staff there are very personable and helpful, they are prompt to answer phone calls and texts, and their office is quiet and clean. There is always adequate parking as well. I have done appointments online and in-person and have really liked both. I highly recommend Utah Valley Counseling to anyone looking for therapy or counseling.


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